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  • Unparalleled, personal customer service
  • The most cost-effective, industry-leading warranty coverage in Canada
  • Knowledge and tools to help you improve your service and increase sales
  • Multiple assessments during construction to reduce or eliminate claims repair costs
  • Value added products and services such as discounted commercial & personal insurance programs for you and your employees, and home mortgages for your clients.

1 Year Materials
and Labour Warranty

All Progressive builders warrant against latent defects and structural defects (items that do not conform to warranty standards) in workmanship and materials that may occur during the first year after possession of your new home.

2 Year Mechanical
Systems Warranty

The Progressive Home Warranty extends into the second year of ownership to the crucial mechanical systems that keep a home comfortable. The Progressive Warranty provides coverage for any defect in materials and labour supplied for the gas, electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning delivery systems. This is a protection not offered by other warranty programs.

5 Year Foundation Water
Penetration Warranty

The Progressive Home Warranty provides coverage to repair the foundation wall where water penetration occurs through foundation walls and threatens the comfort and beauty of a new home. This 5 year coverage is also exclusive to Progressive!

10 Year Structural
Defect Warranty

The Progressive Warranty protects the very heart of a home’s structure for 10 years to a maximum of $60,000. The warranty covers any defect in materials and labour that results in a failure of the load bearing portion of the home, or the structural damage that might result from such a failure, that renders the home unsafe or unliveable. No other warranty offers 10 years of coverage as a minimum standard.

$25,000 Deposit Security Warranty

TProgressive’s Deposit Security Warranty provides peace of mind and protection against builders who don’t live up to their commitments to the homeowner. Progressive provides deposit protection coverage if the builder, due to bankruptcy or other causes, can’t refund a purchasers deposit, up to a maximum of $25,000. Applications for this optional coverage are provided to all Member Builders and the terms of this warranty coverage require that the application be received, and a deposit warranty issued by Progressive Home Warranty.

$6,000 Additional Living Expense Coverage

In addition, a Progressive Home Warranty will ensure homeowners will have a place to live if they have to move out of the home because of a structural defect. Homeowners will be reimbursed up to $6,000 for reasonable expenses incurred, such as hotel rooms and food costs, while they are unable to live in the home. For additional information on our warranty program, please visit the Progressive Home Warranty Website.


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